Exhibition @ Rose Lane 11th Nov 2017 – News

Salam, its that time again where Rose Lane have decided to hold another exhibition. The previous exhibitions were very successful.

Date:-November 11, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Where: – Rose Lane Mosque, 70-72 Rose Lane,

Norwich, NR1 1PT

Why should I visit Exhibition Islam 2017 at Rose Lane Mosque?
The Exhibition Islam event at Rose Lane Mosque brings together a wealth of information
about Islam under one roof giving the opportunity for the wider community to learn more
about their Muslim neighbours in a friendly environment.
There are about 3 million Muslims in the UK and an estimated 1,750 mosques. The mosque
is a place to gather for daily prayers, to study and to celebrate festivals such as Eid after the
fasting month of Ramadan. However, many within our local community are yet to visit a
Mosque. Our doors are always open for visits throughout the year; Rose Lane Mosque hopes
that a communal event will allow the wider community to visit in larger groups.
So if you’re still not sure whether to attend here’s a few reasons:
 Learn more about your Muslim neighbours and the way of life of 5% of the UK
 Ask questions in a relaxed, friendly environment
 Explore the unknown – see the inside of a Mosque
 Most importantly – join us for Coffee and Tea with some light refreshments

We look forward to welcoming you to the Exhibition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Why is Rose Lane Mosque hosting an Exhibition on Islam? With the current events being
portrayed in the media, we decided it was important to provide the opportunity to our
community to learn about the Islamic faith and see what Rose Lane Mosque looks like from
the inside.
What will be at the exhibition? There will be a variety of large poster displays on various
topics of Islam concerning history and key aspects of the faith, along with artefacts, old
Qur’ans, relics, clay model exhibits and Islamic calligraphy.
When will the Exhibition take place and how much does it cost? Saturday 11th November
2017: 10:00am – 3:00pm. Entry is completely free!
Will there be any specific talks? Yes. There will be speaker sessions for Questions and
Can I watch Live Prayer? Yes, live prayer will be at 1PM
Do I need to register to attend? Registration is not required.
Who can attend? Everyone is welcome! The invitation extends to all members of our
community including families and young children. Most importantly traditional Henna
painting will be available for Women and Children.
Can I attend as part of a large group? Yes. If you would like to attend as part of a larger
group (10+) then please let us know your expected time of visit so that we can accomodate
How do I get to Rose Lane Mosque? There is a big Car park on the side streets nearby. The
mosque is minute walk from the Car Park and a five minute walk from Norwich Railway
Is there a dress code for the event? We would like our guests to feel as comfortable as
possible when attending the exhibition by wearing the everyday casual clothes you usually
wear. However, the exhibition is being hosted at a religious place of worship where prayers
will take place, and hence we request that our guests please ensure that they take this into
account when dressing and attending.
Can I tour inside of the Mosque? Yes, of course you can. Various members of the mosque
will be on standby to show you the prayer halls, washrooms, Islamic literature and Qur’ans.
Will there be literature to take away? Yes, there will be free literature throughout the
Exhibition. If you require further information about a specific topic then please ask one of our

Invitation Letter